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Plastic Injection Molding | Contract Plastic Manufacturing


The source for custom plastic assembly. A single point for your contract plastic manufacturing needs. Product and tool design, mold making, plastic injection molding, assembly and packaging.  Since 1986, growing and changing to meet the needs of a global market one relationship at a time.

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An American manufacturing renaissance

Posted January 20, 2012: We at Mountain Mold & Die believe that American manufacturing stands on the brink not only of growth but of incredible innovation and creativity. In a recent article for The Atlantic, Adam Davidson takes notice……..Read More Here

Made In America

Posted March 3, 2011: Check out this ABC News report about one Texas family. See how little we know about what we buy. Click Here

Inventions and the Contract Plastic Manufacturing Process

Posted November 17, 2010: ……..While working in the plastic manufacturing business for the past 30 years, I have seen several potential inventors/marketers waste time and money only to find out they could not achieve their sales goals. Time to market, cost analysis, design, product testing….the list is long. The question is, can you sell your idea or the product that is the fulfillment of that idea?……..Read More Here

Plastic Injection Mold Making Video

Posted September 10, 2010: Who would have thought so many people would be interested in a video about plastic injection mold making. Over 140,000 views over the years prove that boring industries can still generate interest with decent content. The group of college students we asked to created this short film did such a great job and really let our company’s skills shine……..Read More Here